"This ia a game changer for election integrity! Send these guys all your money!" - Draza Smith, CEO, Ordros Analytics

"Never have so many owed so much to so few" - Winston Churchill, former Prime Minister of England

"What's a pencil?" - Brad Raffensperger, Secretary of State for Georgia

No, Seth and I aren't selling anything, but we are giving the truth away for free.

If you want to take the bold step of removing unaccountable black box voting machines from our elections, hand-counted paper ballots is the way. Making this change will re-establish fairness, transparency, and trust in our elections and stick a big thumb in the eye of those who conspired to steal many races in the 2020 election (and quite probably many previous elections).

It will also save your taxpayers a ton of money.

Email NoMoreVotingMachines@protonmail.com for more information!